Security Qualifications from Renful, accredited partners of Middlesex University

The importance of a security qualification
In today’s competitive jobs market it is often not enough to just excel at what you do. Employers are often looking for candidates that, in addition to professional capabilities, have university qualifications. Security organisations are no different, with higher education qualifications being a pre-requisite for any candidate applying for mid to high level jobs. In fact you can have years of practical experience, and yet still be held back from even obtaining an interview.

Although this may seem unfair, constant technology and procedure changes, implemented within many security sectors, have meant staff must have the ability to adapt and learn quickly to new challenges. For employers, a degree, diploma or certificate gained at college or university provides proof that the candidate is willing and able to learn and improve themselves making any hiring and promoting decisions clear cut.

As well as promising better job opportunities and increased earning potential, returning to education provides long lasting personal benefits. For example, successfully achieving an academic qualification will impress your family and friends and in some cases lead to jealousy from your colleagues providing a real boost to your self esteem and confidence. It provides an opportunity for those who have no record of prior academic achievement to dispel misconceptions and negative perceptions of themselves.

Taking your first step – Renful’s work based security training courses
For those of you working in the security industry, finding a course at university that would directly benefit your career is difficult. Most courses are generic in nature and offer mainly theoretical learning that bares little or no resemblance to the tasks you carry out in your day to day job.

Renful Premier Technologies have developed a range of specialised security training courses, all accredited in partnership with Middlesex University. They are ideal for security professionals wishing to get on the path towards a university level security qualification as they provide academic credits that can be used as part of university studies throughout the world.

Renful’s courses provide work based security training focused on key aspects of the security industry including predictive profiling, security x-ray training and management, document verification, air cargo security and more. They will allow you to gain knowledge and skills that can benefit you immediately in your day to day job.

The WBL security courses are structured to minimise the impact of learning on your personal and work commitments combining the benefits of classroom and online security training. During the classroom learning stage you are given expert tuition from Renful’s team of experienced security trainers. The remainder of the course is carried out online, through Enlighten; Renful’s state of the art e-learning platform. Enlighten offers high quality online security courses as well as other learning materials delivered through articles and videos created by Renful’s security training experts.

Taking the next step – WBL security courses
The academic credits that you have gained through Renful’s security courses can be used towards gaining the qualification of your choice at universities and colleges throughout the world. All you have to do is hand in the credits you have gained from Renful’s courses when you enrol and the university will put the credits towards the qualification you are studying towards.

Work Based Learning programmes, such as the ones available at Middlesex University, are ideal for anyone working within the security industry as part of the academic credits required are given for knowledge and experience gained from past work roles.

WBL security courses are part time, can be carried out entirely online, and include real work based projects designed to be of direct benefit to both you and your organization.

Successful completion of your desired academic qualification
Successful completion of your WBL security course would lead you to getting a security diploma, certificate, degree or even masters degree in Security opening up better job opportunities and enhancing your earning potential.

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