X-Ray Security Diploma, Certificates and Degree

Renful’s dedication to high quality Security Studies
Renful believe that learning doesn’t stop at school or university but carries on throughout your working life. This is especially the case for professionals working in the security industry who through experience gain the capabilities that are needed to combat the threats posed by terrorism and other criminal groups.

Continuous security studies, such as work based security training, online security training or classroom based security courses, are paramount to the successful operation of any security company. Renful have therefore developed a way for those working in the security industry, specifically in x-ray security, of turning their experience and expertise into a security qualification from Middlesex University.

In order to provide and maintain the highest standards of security education available worldwide, Renful have had their range of security courses accredited in partnership with Middlesex University. This means that our “Integrative tools for the recruitment, training, testing and monitoring of security x-ray screeners” course now carries 25 academic credits from Middlesex University and provides the ideal launching pad towards gaining an X-ray Security diploma, certificate, certificate of higher education or degree from many Universities and Colleges worldwide.

X-ray Security Diploma, Certificates & Degree – How it works

Renful’s "Integrative tools for the recruitment, training, testing and monitoring of security x-ray screeners" course

Renful’s security X-ray course now combines both classroom based learning and e-learning meaning you get the benefit of face to face interaction with tutors and the ability to study at your own pace and around your schedule.

The 3 day classroom based seminar is carried out by Renful’s team of experienced security training experts, all accredited by Middlesex University. Classroom learning is essential as it allows participants to get an insight into current challenges and the varying experiences of professionals in the field. This leads to an invaluable merging of ideas amongst participants that would be difficult to acquire under e-learning only courses.

Students will then have access to Renful’s online security courses through the state of the art e-learning management system: Enlighten. Here they will be able to view articles, videos and x-ray CBT programmes giving them a high tech, effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Students are then assessed through a range of written assignments, multiple question tests and their oral participation during the classroom sessions.

Successful completion of Renful’s X-ray course provides 25 academic credits that can be put towards any course of study at universities worldwide.

Middlesex University WBL Security Courses
Renful recommend that the 25 academic credits you have gained from the x-ray security course be put towards a Work Based Learning (WBL) Security X-ray Diploma, Certificate, Certificate in H.E or Degree.

The advantages of studying a WBL programme is that they offer students the opportunity to study the subject which is most relevant to them; their work. They also provide student’s the ability to earn credits based on the knowledge and experience gained from their past work roles, shortening the time and cost of your studies.

WBL security courses are part time and are carried out completely through e-learning minimising the impact of your security studies on your life. WBL provides ideal work based security training as the projects that you will be required to carry out are real and will directly influence the plans and procedures within your company.

On successful completion you will be awarded a WBL Security X-ray Diploma from Middlesex University.

X-ray Security Diploma, Certificates & Degrees – The benefits
•  The integration of Renful’s courses as part of the security x-ray diploma provides a more time and cost effective route towards your academic qualification than through University studies alone.
•  Renful’s x-ray security course provides expert security training that a University alone cannot offer.
•  Students will have access to Renful’s high tech security x-ray training tools; Trefox, Simfox Pre-M and more...
•  Provides relevant x-ray security training that can be immediately implemented into your company
•  Benefits employers;
  – It allows a company to improve the capabilities of its staff, quickly and effectively, without the costly process of hiring new workers each time a new skill is required.
  – Training can also be used to improve morale and reduce turn over. Sending an employee on a training course makes them feel valued, as you are giving them the opportunity to learn new skills that can help them gain promotion within your organization
•  Benefits employees;
  – Training provides an effective way of improving your knowledge and skills and improving your future job prospects and earning potential.
  – Provides a real boost to your self esteem and confidence as you show friends, family and colleagues that you can achieve academically.

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