E-Learning - The Shape of Things to Come

Computer games are already being developed as sophisticated learning tools and with the establishment of the Serious Games Institute in Coventry  it's a matter of time until online tests will feel more like games – with a tangible result for learners to build towards.
Currently one of the main elements missing from e-learning is a sense of the learning experience being customized for learners. As a developer our aim is to make the tests and feedback methods as customized and efficient in terms of communicating to the learner, as possible. Training by webcam is one way of doing this. Also offering other dimensions to learners, such as downloadable notes and one-on-one chat sessions with tutors may also help. Offering a variety of learning methods also addresses the fact that a great number of people are more visually than verbally motivated. Serious games engage the that sense of reward which words on a screen may not.

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