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e-learning - the shape of things to come

Future Developments

Computer games are already being developed as sophisticated learning tools and with the establishment of the Serious Games Institute in Coventry it's a matter of time until online tests will feel more like games – with a tangible result for learners to build towards.
Currently ...

Cargo Security As passenger air travel has become more secure, the trend in terrorist attacks could now move towards an easier target: all-cargo transportation.
Text by
Monica Avadanoaie
and Paul Munslow

Using Terror as a means to achieve one's aim dates back to the beginnings of recorded history. Over the centuries ...
Liquid Explosive Liquid Explosive Detection

Since heightened security measures now require a near exclusive ban on any liquid in passenger luggage, airports face the sudden challenge of detecting this ubiquitous substance. With liquid being such a versatile substance, the ease to which prohibited substances, in this ...
Postal Bombs Postal Bombs
The modern threat

Text by Renful

The 'cookbooks' have been abound for years, filling pages of Internet space and library shelves. The ingredients can be easily purchased and explosives prepared in the back garden. In case one lacks a motive, access some hate pages online, or simply share ...

Passenger Profiling
An essential procedure or a slippery slope to racial stereotyping?

Over the past few decades there has been a sea change in the volume of passengers now able to travel by plane. How have airlines and airports security services adapted?
In the beginning of commercial aviation, airlines' ...

X-ray Security The Effective Testing of X-ray Operators

In this article Moshe Cohen examines the need and the requirements for the use of X-ray testing systems to test operators continually throughout their employment. Moshe Cohen has spent 24 years working in the aviation security sector, commencing his career ...

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