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Xray Interpretation Courses



Training Essentials For Xray Course 

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  • The Threat
  • The Course
  • Is This Course Right For You?
  • Course Outcomes
  • Training Essentials for Xray Test
  • Certification

  • The Threat

    The detection of threat items in baggage using Xray is not as easy as many people may assume. On the contrary, it’s an extremely challenging task and one of the most demanding roles in the aviation security system. Xray screening of baggage is one of the most important and familiar front-line security measures used to help prevent the infiltration of weapons and explosive devices on board aircraft. Therefore, it is vital that the training of screening personnel is of the highest possible quality as it has a direct correlation on the competency and effectiveness of the security screening performed.

    The Course

    TREFOX combines narrated video, animated demonstrations and an interactive Xray simulation to show how an Xray machine works. The programme covers basic health and safety as well as more complex subjects such as the interpretation of Xray images. Featured chapters cover:

    1. History of Xray
    2. Nature of Xrays
    3. The Xray Tube
    4. Penetration & Absorption
    5. Security Xray Machines
    6. Xray Machine Features
    7. Prohibited Items
    8. Limitations of Xray
    9. Operating Procedures
    10. Health & Safety

    Is This Course Right For You?

    TREFOX is designed to provide Xray training to new recruits with no previous experience of working within an Xray screening scenario.

    However, the TREFOX course may also be of interest to more experienced security screeners who wish to better understand Xray technology, and managers in any airline/airport function who wish to broaden their understanding of aviation security operations.

    Now available in:
    English version
    Chinese version
    Hebrew version
    Spanish version(coming soon...)

    Course Outcomes

    When you have completed the TREFOX course, you should have a comprehensive understanding of what Xrays are, what Xrays are capable of achieving, the overall importance and purpose of Xray security screening operations, and the importance of adhering to health and safety guidelines when using radiation producing Xray equipment. You will also be more familiar with terminology, vocabulary and phraseology that you will use at the security checkpoint.



    Training Essentials For Xray Test 



    Students who have completed the Trefox programme may test their understanding of Xray systems using the Trefox Test. The test covers tasks and concepts featured in the programme. The test combines a variety of styles such as multiple-choice, hot-spot, drag-and-drop and true-or-false questions. Students are given feedback for each incorrectly answered question.

    Now available in:
    English version
    Chinese version


    Participants who successfully complete the TREFOX course and pass a final assessment test may be awarded a Security Training Operations Programme (S.T.O.P.) Certificate of accomplishment.

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